Introducing Paul from our Small Works Team

Like the rest of the Small Works Team, I can turn my hand to many different trades.

My apprenticeship was as a welder/fabricator but I have done lots of different skilled jobs in construction. As a result of the metal fabrication, I picked up a lot of plumbing skills and then I set up my own business installing bathrooms.

All my life I have been a hands-on person. I have always been interested in learning how things are done. Over the years, I have learned skills from different tradespeople so I have carpentry skills, plumbing and tiling. I can do most things in the building trade though I don’t like plastering.

When I was an apprentice, I learned a lot from an old-timer called Russell. He used to come to work in a bib-and-braces and a shirt and tie! He was very meticulous in his work and he taught me always to make something that I would be prepared to buy myself. Starting out in an engineering trade taught me to be very precise in my work.

On this job, we are replacing all the windows with new ones made in our own joinery workshop. We are insulating the outside of the house and cladding it. Refurbishing the chimney stacks and generally renovating the property.

I started with Stowe to help out on a project for about 2 weeks. Seven years and many projects later I am still here. Stowe gets some very interesting high-end jobs to do. I am especially proud of the barn conversion we did at Dallinghoo.

I really enjoy the variety of different jobs on the Small Works Team. Outside of work I enjoy going to the football and doing a bit of fishing and even though it’s what I do for a living, I still enjoy doing different jobs around the house.