Bespoke Joinery & Interiors

Made by hand, by us, for you

It is a point of particular pride for us that, unusually among building contractors, we have invested in a purpose-built joinery workshop to produce bespoke carpentry from windows and doors to site-specific furniture and beautifully designed handmade kitchens. This reflects Andrew Stowe’s own passion as an apprentice-served carpenter.

The bespoke fixtures and fittings produced by our skilled craftsmen help our projects stand out from those that depend on standard ‘off the shelf’ items giving designers and architects the freedom to fulfill design themes more completely.

A handmade kitchen or bathroom created by our craftsmen will ensure coherence of finish, detailing and quality throughout the project. This is also true of the bespoke fittings and furnishings we make.

Whether from oak or tulipwood, beech or cherry, custom fixtures from our  workshop mean you can have what your project needs rather than having to compromise with what suppliers have on the shelf.

You’ll be pleased to know that making in-house also often works out to be more cost-effective especially where quality and lifetime value is a priority.

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