Timber barn to beautiful home

Full conversion including underpinning, restored oak-frame & cladding, new floors & roof

In its derelict condition, this barn was gently sliding into the adjacent pond. We supported the building and constructed a cantilevered slab to stabilise the structure. We then commenced a major restoration maximizing the use of existing and reclaimed materials, many supplied by the owner.

We installed new sole and roof plates to the oak frame, laid a new floor in the main barn and installed a new corrugated tin roof reusing existing pantiles for the two gable wings. The staircase was constructed from reclaimed materials and we created a tin-clad shower pod on the mezzanine. The new oak flooring and extensive timberwork allowed our carpenters to make the most of their traditional skills.

The owner and family sealed the floors and timbers enabling them to move in within two weeks of handover.

Dear Andy

Now that everything is more or less settled with the Barn, I can finally write and thank you for your work.

As you know we came into the build without any experience. But Jennifer and I both became very involved in the project, in differing ways. Certainly we know a lot more about building than we did!

The project itself was no small matter, with the difficulties of a fragile 500 year old structure, subsidence into a pond literally adjacent to the main building, a heavily engineered concrete and steel foundation, internal steel supports, extensive oak repairs, a tight budget and many unusual and unique challenges.

Stowe was definitely the right choice for us. You were big enough to manage the logistics of this tricky build. Although I think the project finished a few weeks late, this was of little concern to us given that from day 1 of the build, workers were never absent. And when conditions were right, you put ample labour to it. Late in the build I think we counted 14 vans on site.

You were willing and pleased to incorporate ideas that we had. And you were free with your input and expertise. In short, you were interested in the job and keen to get it done, and done well.

We also appreciated your calmness when things were not going your way. When it caused you stress, you never let it show. It was great to reach the end of the build and to reflect that we had not seriously disagreed about anything. I am sure many a build has not been as happy.

The end result is fantastic. A house we can be proud and grateful to live in.

I congratulate Stowe on this achievement and wish you all success in the future.

With a genuine and massive thank you from us both and our family.

Jonathan & Jennifer Wells