Work starts on new HQ as Stowe celebrates10th birthday

Andrew and Rachel at the new HQ site with 10th anniversary cake

Today we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the founding of Stowe Building Contractors by breaking the ground for our new headquarters at Marlesford.

Since our incorporation on 10th August 2010, the company has grown from a team of just Andrew and an apprentice delivering 1 carpentry project at a time to the present day where we sometimes have 50 people working on 10 different projects in North Essex and South Suffolk.

“Our success and continued growth has been down to building a fantastic team of people and absolute attention to ensuring we only deliver the highest possible standard of craftsmanship in our work.” said Andrew Stowe, MD. “As a family-led company, we try to extend that family commitment across our workforce, building a sense of loyalty and commitment to the shared future of the company.”

The new headquarters is a long-standing ambition. It will not only provide office, meeting and training spaces but a new, state of the art, joinery workshop and storage for materials, equipment and plant.

“Our new facility at Marlesford will provide a secure base from which the company can grow over the next 10 years” said Andrew. “We are now taking on more commercial work as well as developing our own residential projects. This will be much easier with the new efficiencies that our new premises will bring”.

The new headquarters is expected to come into use in early 2021.