Working with our suppliers

Getting relationships right

Good relationships

We seek to develop long-term relationships with supply-chain partners who will actively help us to deliver outstanding customer service and demonstrate continued commitment these objectives:

Safety – Setting zero reportable accidents as our highest business priority.

Delivery – Completing the project on the agreed date.

Quality – snag free on the agreed completion date.

Delighted Customer – providing outstanding results and delighting our customers, not only at hand-over, but during the whole time we work with them.

Outstanding Customer Service is simply about ‘doing what we say we will do’, which in essence is what we ask you to provide. The attitude must be the belief that partnership and team working will provide better outcomes for everyone, that snag-free completions become second nature and must start at the very inception of the project, and that nothing is too important that it can’t be done safely.

How we achieve those relationships

Culture: by finding companies who share our culture of honesty and team work, who share our commitment to customer service, and commit to being 100% Safe

Consolidation: by working with fewer, better performing subcontractors and suppliers

Consistency: building relationships through repeat business and helping our partners with feedback

Communication: sharing our ideas and solving problems together, as a team

What our supply-chain partners can expect from us

• A friendly and collaborative approach, working as a team.

• Our commitment to quality and outstanding customer service – which applies equally to our supply chain partners.

• Communication before enquiry – to assess your interest in quoting for any particular project

• An opportunity to advise on programme, design and your preferred methods of working

• Sensible timescales for pricing

• Confidentiality – protection of your design ideas and intellectual property

• Good communication to ensure common understanding and objectives.

• A safe working environment and welfare facilities

• The agreement of realistic and achievable programmes

• Experienced staff who take responsibility for their projects

• Integrity and professionalism throughout the company, with open and honest communication

• Feedback during construction and upon completion, giving essential recognition for good performance and open discussion on areas for improvement

• Clear and fair payment terms which are honoured

• Visibility of future workload

• Repeat business through good working relationships

What we expect from our supply-chain partners:

• A shared commitment to win the projects that we tender for

• Good communication at tender stage, particularly if a project is not of interest

• Early involvement on technical, programme and commercial issues – don’t leave them till last

• Advice on alternative materials and methods – your experience is recognised, please share it.

• A commitment to our policy of Outstanding Customer Service

• A commitment to 100% safe working at all times

• 100% CSCS compliance

• Employees who are trained to carry out the work and who work in safe manner at all times

• Working to an agreed programme and working in collaboration with us to mitigate delay

• A named supervisor who will be responsible for the works for the duration of the project

• Continuous improvement – sharing lessons learnt, toolbox talks etc.

• Accepting constructive criticism and improving safety and quality where we can help identify issues

• To be open and honest with us, and share our team working culture. We work better together.

• To have a positive, collaborative approach on site.

• To give us feedback during and upon completion – what could we have done better?

• A positive “can do” approach to quickly resolve any post completion defects.